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Pickup - It rained that day!

First Caravan - First Trip

After 10 years of enjoyable camper trailer travel, we decided to go caravanning. Chose the Evernew after about 18 months of deliberation. Very happy. On pickup day there was a spectacular rainbow and spectacular rain. Having taken the van home, we discovered it is considerably larger than our Victorian cottage! First ever overnight stop was 100 Km north of Melbourne in a roadside rest area. Beautiful, clear, cold, frosty conditions and the heater was most welcome. Just lie in bed for a bit until things warm up. Next stop was Dubbo. The grey water tank made staying on the banks of the Macquarie River possible and this time it was cool, calm, misty, tranquil, weather. Magical - wisps of fog rising from the river in the early morning.

The plan for our first trip was to the Daintree area, across to Darwin, then down the centre. We booked into a caravan site for three nights, just south of the Daintree. Stayed six weeks and the Darwin / central Australia plan went out of the window. With the caravan providing all the comforts of home, the quarter acre block camp site, easy access to the Daintree and surrounding towns to the south, it was idyllic. Got to know the camp ground manager well, as we kept extending and extending!

The return journey included a side trip to the lovely Carnarvon Gorge. The few dirt roads we covered were almost unnoticeable - both towing and to the van. Now looking forward to many more months of adventure and discovery in our 'home away from home'.

Tim & Margot.

She's a virgin

Hmmm, the caravan seems to be bigger than the house

Morning of our first overnight stop. Beautiful. Glad we had that heater installed!

Fully self-contained, with grey water tank, you can park anywhere

Warrumbungles - actually, that's not the caravan

Setup for three days and stayed for six weeks. It's comfortable, you know

We left her at home that day, but she coulda done it!

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